sharing economy


If you live in Sweden (or if you can read swedish) I really recommend this book called “ÄGODELA” which is all about a “movement” called sharing economy. Today we spend so much money on new things because there’s an urge to be updated with the most trending things on the market. With massive consumption as a growing economy, our planet can not provide with all the resources that is needed to support mass production. So, consider, sharing, borrowing, hiring, second-hand shopping when you’re in need of a screwdriver, a car, a new dress och even a place to stay when your on vacation.

Me, my husband and our son went for a week-long vacation in Finland, where we stayed at random people’s  home for one-two nights for such a low-cost. We used the website Airbnb when we were looking for a place to stay. We are really impressed and glad that we used Airbnb instead of hotels, which costs a lot more, not as cozy or as socialfriendly as it was to meet new people everyday, and they provide us with great tips about the city. 


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