if it’s not good enough for your eyes, how can it be good enough for your stomach?

And if you haven’t seen Cowspiracy or What the Health yet (available on Netflix), then go do that.


I’m back, for real


With a new MacBook Pro in my lap I’m feeling inspired to start blogging again. A lot have happened since last summer; I’ve studied design for a year, made some amazing new friends, our little one has ended his time in kindergarten and is starting school this fall, AND I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant with our second child! It’s truly a blessing and we are beyond happy and excited about becoming a family of four.

So with that sad, this blog is going to be all about our vegan lifestyle, parenting, motherhood, pregnancy, finding eco-friendly baby essentials, tips, recipes, some design and I hope to inspire you all to live a more sustainable life with the animals and the planet in mind.

Hope you will enjoy this as much as I will!


This blogs goal is to inspire you to maintain an healthy vegan lifestyle, where I will write about plant based food, natural, organic skincare and makeup and also give you ideas on how you can manage to eat vegan when visiting friends, traveling or even on the go. Hope you’ll all enjoy!

But first, I may introduce myself. Matilda is my name, I’m a student at the university of UmeĆ„ in Sweden. I live in the north of Sweden with my husband and our four year old son. I’v been an vegetarian for twelve years, and vegan for about six months. I love researching for natural, cruelty free skincare and try on new things, but my goal is also to be more thoughtful about what I buy and how often I buy new things. I already love second-hand and vintage shops when it comes to investing in new clothes or furniture.