keep growing, baby love


Our little baby is feeling ready to enter the world a few weeks early, so I’m currently in bedrest, doctors orders, and I’m trying to keep our little baby inside for a little while longer.

Pregnancies can be so different and vary in all shapes and forms. When I was pregnant with my first born, Morris, I past my due date with 10 days and this time it looks like the baby is going to join us soon, my due date is 3rd of december. But, you can never know, maybe the baby decides to stay all the way, the most important thing is that he/she is healthy and well.


this and love is all you need


After a long day in the sun and biking around town we’re going to enjoy this plate full of freshness and watch one of our favorite movies, Howl’s Moving Castle. If you like Japanese childrens movies you need to watch this one.

todays snapshot

I started this morning with a smoothiebowl containing spinach, mango, fresh juice from one orange, two ripped bananas, chiaseed and one tsp spirulina, topped with cocounut flakes, sunflowerseeds and cashewnuts. So filling and delicious! With that I had a large glass of orangewater. 

For lunch today and chopped up a half butternut and sprinkled olive oil, seasalt and a pinch of dried rosemary. You need to try it! 

We spent the afternoon visiting cows, sheeps, rabbits and a few pigs. Morris really enjoy spending time with animals, his favourites are cats and horses. Hope you all had a lovely tuesday!