upcycled changing mat från Normadot


Last week I placed an order on Etsy and a few days later this beautiful, upcycled changing mat came to our door. Normadot is a danish company that hand screen print on all there products, the colors are subtle but yet interesting and I just love this portable changing mat made out of upcycled materials.

Check them out HERE.

Btw, at Etsy I’ve found a lot of organic, environmental friendly baby products that I plan to get my hands on.


second-hand at its best – for the baby


You know you made a good deal when you find a bodysuit made of organic cotton for only 5 Swedish kronas, and how cute are those tiny socks? Also from a second-hand shop here in town.

The pacifier though is brand new made out of natural rubber, not sure about this pacifier thing but we figure it’s good to have at least one home, but I think you should try to satisfy your babies natural needs with natural methods, like changing diaper, feeding or the baby might just need some skin-to-skin to feel calm. But hey, we’ll see, the baby is’nt here yet.

sharing economy


If you live in Sweden (or if you can read swedish) I really recommend this book called “ÄGODELA” which is all about a “movement” called sharing economy. Today we spend so much money on new things because there’s an urge to be updated with the most trending things on the market. With massive consumption as a growing economy, our planet can not provide with all the resources that is needed to support mass production. So, consider, sharing, borrowing, hiring, second-hand shopping when you’re in need of a screwdriver, a car, a new dress och even a place to stay when your on vacation.

Me, my husband and our son went for a week-long vacation in Finland, where we stayed at random people’s  home for one-two nights for such a low-cost. We used the website Airbnb when we were looking for a place to stay. We are really impressed and glad that we used Airbnb instead of hotels, which costs a lot more, not as cozy or as socialfriendly as it was to meet new people everyday, and they provide us with great tips about the city. 


This blogs goal is to inspire you to maintain an healthy vegan lifestyle, where I will write about plant based food, natural, organic skincare and makeup and also give you ideas on how you can manage to eat vegan when visiting friends, traveling or even on the go. Hope you’ll all enjoy!

But first, I may introduce myself. Matilda is my name, I’m a student at the university of Umeå in Sweden. I live in the north of Sweden with my husband and our four year old son. I’v been an vegetarian for twelve years, and vegan for about six months. I love researching for natural, cruelty free skincare and try on new things, but my goal is also to be more thoughtful about what I buy and how often I buy new things. I already love second-hand and vintage shops when it comes to investing in new clothes or furniture.