todays snapshot

I started this morning with a smoothiebowl containing spinach, mango, fresh juice from one orange, two ripped bananas, chiaseed and one tsp spirulina, topped with cocounut flakes, sunflowerseeds and cashewnuts. So filling and delicious! With that I had a large glass of orangewater. 

For lunch today and chopped up a half butternut and sprinkled olive oil, seasalt and a pinch of dried rosemary. You need to try it! 

We spent the afternoon visiting cows, sheeps, rabbits and a few pigs. Morris really enjoy spending time with animals, his favourites are cats and horses. Hope you all had a lovely tuesday! 


vegan lunch – a hot summer day


Recipe: Spread some green kale and plum tomatoes on a baking tray and sprinkle over a pinch of seasalt, olive oil, one crushed garlic and tofeta (vegan “feta” cheese, made of tofu). Leave it in the oven for 7-10 minutes on 200 degrees (celsius). With that we had a few beetroots that we cooked earlier today, and to drink; LEMON water. It’s so tasty and refreshing a hot summer day. This is a light lunch packed with vitamins and minerals that keeps you going all day.

sharing economy


If you live in Sweden (or if you can read swedish) I really recommend this book called “ÄGODELA” which is all about a “movement” called sharing economy. Today we spend so much money on new things because there’s an urge to be updated with the most trending things on the market. With massive consumption as a growing economy, our planet can not provide with all the resources that is needed to support mass production. So, consider, sharing, borrowing, hiring, second-hand shopping when you’re in need of a screwdriver, a car, a new dress och even a place to stay when your on vacation.

Me, my husband and our son went for a week-long vacation in Finland, where we stayed at random people’s  home for one-two nights for such a low-cost. We used the website Airbnb when we were looking for a place to stay. We are really impressed and glad that we used Airbnb instead of hotels, which costs a lot more, not as cozy or as socialfriendly as it was to meet new people everyday, and they provide us with great tips about the city. 

RAWFOOD – baking


When cooking or baking plant-based food there’s some really good ingredients you need to have in your pantry. Today I would like to share my top six baking essentials, and next week I’m planning to share my top vegan essentials when cooking.

So lets start. I can not say that I enjoy baking that much, but when that time of the month is driving by I sometimes crave something sweet or nutty. With that sad, here’s my top six ingredients that I almost always use when I need something sweet.

  • Renée Voltaire Raw Cacao Powder – If you’re in a hurry or if you just need something sweet real quick, just mix some dates, raw cacao powder & coconut oil/butter, it’s real good! Raw cacao contains nearly four times the antioxidant content of regular processed dark chocolate.
  • Dates (I buy organic fresh dates) (Rich in vitamins, fibers and minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium) – These juicy, soft, creamy little things are heaven. You can eat them just like they are or as a base in all of your baking, add in smoothies for extra sweetness and it fills you up perfectly.
  • Renée Voltaire Coconut Butter – This creamy butter is perfect when baking vegan, raw cacaocake.
  • Coconut Oil – Not only amazing when baking or cooking, it’s an absolute must when taking of your makeup at night, or as an mask when your hair feels dry.
  • Raw Organic Vanilla Powder – Mix frozen bananas, some raw vanilla powder, a few dates and a small amount of raw cacao powder and you have yourself NICECREAM.
  • Organic Coconutchips (seasalted) – So delicious for snack, or top your smoothie with a few bites.

So as you can see I’m all in with coconut, it’s soo delicious and good for you (high in fibers, minerals and energy) so why not add it in all forms? I also really enjoy adding nut (cashew, almonds) in my baking or even in my smoothies. Hope you’ll got some inspiration, and that you all consider choosing more raw, plant-based food in your life. / M.W